27 Useful Facts About Communication — Lionesses of Africa

by Laura M Camacho, PhD and Culture Fixer

Small changes in the way you communicate can bring big changes in the life you live. I see this reality every single day.

Try selecting 3 of these facts that resonate with you and 3 other ones where you have an opportunity to grow.

1. Everything about you communicates….something.

2. You cannot not communicate.

3. Words are only a small part of the message.

4. Communication co-creates reality.

5. People appreciate your being clear.

6. You impact the energy of a room by simply entering it.

7. You have way more influence than what you think.

8. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

9. What you’re feeling is your invisible message.

10. Listening to yourself is essential to being authentic.

11. There are two levels to every message: content + relationship.

12. Human motives are complex.

13. You have a choice in how you interpret others’ messages.

14. Active listening brings you to the present moment.

15. The first step in preparing an effective presentation is deciding its purpose.

16. If a speaker refers to a famous person, the speaker is (probably) trying to borrow credibility from that person.

17. People make lasting judgments about you within 30 seconds of meeting you.

18. You can disagree without being disagreeable.

19. Expressing gratitude brings you in closer touch with reality.

20. There’s no such thing as a neutral message.

21. More vocabulary = more power, hence the thesaurus.

22. The strongest human motivator is fear of loss.

23. You can gain all kinds of benefits from listening, really listening to people.

24. Truth is good for you. 

25. Remembering a person’s name immediately establishes you as someone who listens, i.e. someone who cares.

26. Structure in a message solves many problems.

27. Asking questions about the topic is superior to telling it.

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