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How green is my valley? — Lionesses of Africa

by Eldari Visser Amidst the huge outcry of global warming warnings and several energy crises looming, a group of big corporations and government sectors, NGOs and Greenpeace nature lovers are putting their minds together, to find the next best solution for our planet. Operation “Going Green” seems so be on all the agendas. Some agendas […]

Finished with late blight – African Farming

There’s good news for potato farmers struggling with late blight. Corteva Agriscience has just introduced a new fungicide, ZorvecTM Encantia ® (Reg. no. L11227, Act 36 of 1947), to specifically combat late blight, a bacterium that causes damage to potatoes. Based on ZorvecTM Active, this product is the first in a new class of fungicides […]

Combat foot-and-mouth and other diseases – African Farming

The latest outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease is causing great concern among South African cattle farmers. Nutrochem’s Envirosept SC disinfectant can effectively combat the foot-and-mouth virus and numerous other livestock and poultry diseases. It is effective against viruses, tuberculosis, bacteria and fungi. Envirosept SC can be applied by foaming, fogging, spraying or dipping. Prior to application, […]

Get pricing about production costs – African Farming

PrysWys is an agricultural trading platform that enables farmers to save on production inputs on the farm. Farmers can use the free PrysWys app to request quotes and the PrysWys team tracks down the best possible price from their network of suppliers right across South Africa. There is also an option to request your input […]

Human resources in business — Lionesses of Africa

by Tsitsi Mutendi This week we continue on our journey with Ms. Olivia Simbajena. Ms. Simbajena is a businesswoman whose business falls under the category of SME and MME. Hers also falls under the category of Family Business. As we have defined before Family Business is a business started by an individual for the benefit […]