How green is my valley? — Lionesses of Africa

by Eldari Visser

Amidst the huge outcry of global warming warnings and several energy crises looming, a group of big corporations and government sectors, NGOs and Greenpeace nature lovers are putting their minds together, to find the next best solution for our planet. Operation “Going Green” seems so be on all the agendas. Some agendas are very close to serious activism if you ask me. We read in newspapers from around the globe on some of action taking place, some even to the tone of tomato purée and art! Gosh….

We can see that our environment is indeed taking hard knocks. When a fire breaks out in a big area, it takes nature a long time to get back to the previous lush woods and vegetation. Here in South Africa where I reside, the fires at the Table Mountain nature reserve create absolute havoc and desolation to our beloved fynbos. Higher temperatures always cause fire break-outs. Simply the change in weather patterns can be devastating. I recently read about the portions of Germany that are battling with water supply. Water is a crisis and green is a crisis. I also know that there is a full delegation of Native American indigenous people that want to take on the government heads-on about the Amazon being slowly killed by bigger corporations.

With all of this we can imagine the strain put on nature on a daily basis, yet, it is still amazing that nature has a way of keeping up. Bouncing back, growing different, adding its own safety measures in place. Through good times and bad times. She always delivers. So, let’s take a look at nature as we always do and see what she can teach us.

Elephant herds are masters on going green. Green space means water and rest and time for babies. A herd can travel many miles over very dry terrain and pass extremely dangerous situations but the matriarch knows she has to find the water and the greenery. Going green is for an elephant herd the absolute must-find-spot for their existence and for their bloodlines, for their next generation. They travel long distances and many die along the way, they die before they have reached the green and the water. The end was just too far along. Ok, so ask an Elephant to find water.

Satellite images over continents show the ever-increasing desert-like patches taking over the green. It is clear that our planet is really suffering. We must realize that nature cannot wait till we have done yet another discussion on this. She will roar and carry on! Or die trying!

Another group that goes for green are the masses of Blouwildebees. This buck will stop for nothing to get to safe places, green juicy grass and safety. Many times, it is part of their day job to dodge the crocodiles… but it’s done. The alternative is being left behind and starving to death or Mr. Lion will be constantly on your *ss. So, you have to take that leap through the water to the other side!

Trees and shrubs find interesting ways to find water so that their leaves can bloom again as food for the animals. Their circle goes on even if it means a contortionist move is necessary. Take a look around and see the shapes of trees.

So how green is your company?

Is it always good to go green?

This seems to create a lot of diverse reactions when placed on the table. Yes indeed, we must all consider nature, good clean gas, products and packaging that can be used again and again… but on a serious scale, how many companies do?

Polystyrene packaging? Hmmmm! Take away food packaging. Beauty products. And the list can go on. This is not a reflection on these industries but rather a tough question for the business entrepreneurs of the future. Do you support a company that does not have a good rating? Do you own a company that does not have a good rating? Or maybe we should just rather ask the following: How can I be like the Elephant and “find” the solution, the Wildebeest that will stop at nothing to “get” to the solution or the tree that will “ grow” towards the solution? I am sure these are much debatable topics. Let me not start on the “ negative” going green agendas… they also exist!

Jungle greetings

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