4 Ways to Make a Good First Impression — Lionesses of Africa

by Clementina Busayo 

Has anyone ever asked you after you became friends what your first impression about them was? A friend asked me, and the truth is I didn’t give an answer because I couldn’t remember what our first meeting was? Blame it on me for not being observant or on him for not being impressionable.

The crux of today’s matter is that we want to fix being impressionable so that you can be remarkable to anyone who comes across you, both online and onsite. Shall we get started? Yes, we shall. 

  1. Don’t be so focused on ‘finding’ purpose, be intentional and DECIDE to be purposeful. Too many times we are lost doing nothing because we are waiting or trying to find purpose when we can choose who we want to be. For example, in 2016 I noticed that a lot of young people didn’t have anything to invest their time in. So I started Gloriouswills Ushering Services to solve that problem through training and providing ushering services as a means for them to earn decently.

  2. Never Assume. There’s this saying I learnt from one of my bosses, “When In Doubt Ask Questions”. For example, you have been saddled with the responsibility to make a presentation. Don’t only be concerned about delivering a good pitch, also research the company or the panellists to know what their interests are. This could be the company’s brand colours, the corporate social responsibility, for example, that the company may be involved in. Simply put, be intentional.

  3. Appropriate. When you have the opportunity to attend an event either physical or virtually, please dress the part. Even if you are tagging along make sure your appearance is warm, and that you look neat and presentable. Don’t be like the usher who waited a long time to get into an ushering agency that only recruits tall ladies only to discover she was shorter than the other ushers (not her fault, right?) when she could have fixed the problem by wearing heels.

  4. Express Gratitude. Ever heard the saying, “A smile is a multilingual language”? Permit to say that “Gratitude is an impressionable language.” It helps you seal your thoughts in the heart of the people you meet. Either you have been invited to speak at an event or someone showed you kindness you think you deserve; all you may need to be impressionable is to follow up with a thank you message.

A quick question? Two ushers got jobs with an Ushering Agency after the event was over, one followed up with a thank you message the other didn’t. Who do you think is likely to be re-engaged? If your guess is as good as mine, my answer is the usher that said thank you.

By now you may be wondering why most of my examples are around ushering business and the ushers, that’s because I am the founder of Gloriouswills Ushering Services, The Author of Profitable Usherpreneur Book. My name is Clementina, and I am an Usherpreneur. 

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