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Fashion business expert, mentor, coach, and the founder of Fashion Insiders & CoDo, Dessy Tsolova, says in her book Become a Fashion Insider, that every fashion entrepreneur wants to feel like they belong in the fashion industry. They have dreams of    their brand becoming a worldwide success. But how do they learn from fashion industry insiders? Dessy shares what fashion insiders know and do to grow successful brands and provides a roadmap to fashion business success.

Dessy Tsolova, says in her book Become a Fashion Insider, that launching and growing a fashion brand is a dream for many, but it is not as easy to do. One of the biggest challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs is not feeling like they are “in” on the secret to fashion success. Dessy has spent over twenty years in the luxury fashion industry working with top industry names, design teams and creative entrepreneurs to grow profitable fashion brands. Drawing on her diverse industry experience and her deep understanding of the inner workings of the fashion industry, she’s created a practical roadmap to help you get started and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Learn the secret ten commandments fashion insiders know, but do not care to share;

  • Develop a deep understanding of how the fashion industry works;

  • Discover the mind shifts necessary to make, in order to feel like an insider;

  • And much, much more!

Become a Fashion Insider is packed with straightforward, honest, and practical advice that can be your wake-up call to the life you’ve always wanted. If you like easy reads that tell it to you straight, then you’ll love this book.

Author quotes

There is no adventure more challenging or rewarding than going into the world of fashion business entrepreneurship. 

Starting your own fashion brand is a dream many have, but only a few manage to truly realize.

There is something truly valuable at the end awaiting those who work smart and think creatively. There is the exhilarating feeling of euphoria when you see your ideas turn into products.

Knowing that your dreams and visions can truly become reality – there is the sweet smell of success.

About the author

Dessy Tsolova is a fashion business expert, mentor, coach, and the founder of Fashion Insiders & Co, an educational platform that supports fashion entrepreneurs looking to build fashion brands and create sustainable, profitable businesses. Born and raised in Bulgaria, her family moved to live in the UK a few months before the Communist collapse in 1989. She completed her education in London and following a degree in Fashion Design and Business began her career, working for luxury fashion British brands. Over the years she has worked her way up from an assistant designer to managing the creative teams and overseeing the entire design idea to product delivery process. She was the founder of a fine jewellery brand Decï London as well as a co-founder of a fashion manufacturing online platform, that helped bring transparency into the fashion supply chain. Her mission is to teach and support creative entrepreneurs in navigating the fashion industry and building purpose-driven brands—without sacrificing their family, health, or sanity in the process. When she’s not mentoring and coaching, speaking, podcasting, or writing, Dessy can be found travelling and exploring new countries and cultures; discovering arts and crafts; meeting entrepreneurs and manufacturers. 


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