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Are you Poised for Exit in your business? That’s the important question asked by author and business exit expert Julie Keyes. In her new book, Poised for Exit: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition, Julie says that one of the hard facts in business you need to come to terms with is that, regardless of your age, gender, industry, or company size, you will eventually need to exit from your business. How well you exit is largely dependent upon how well and early you plan. 

Julie Keyes’ new book, Poised for Exit: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition has been written to prepare you and your business for a future exit based on your own terms. Your business exit will likely be the biggest financial transaction of your life, and for the majority, you have one shot at doing it right. Julie has prepared a range of tools and checklists in this book that are meant to help you lay some of the groundwork on your exit journey. It will also give you a guide for what comes after you make that exit from your business.

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You may be one of the many women business owners who fears the inevitable, bittersweet day that you will have to exit from your business. You may be asking yourself, “Who am I without my business?”, or “What will become of my employees?” or “Who could run this business better than I can?” If any of those questions resonate with you, you’re not alone. 

This book is intended to raise the consciousness of women who own and run their own companies but are unclear what a successful exit entails, who’s involved, and what exit options might be available to them.

Let’s face it, the likelihood of you finding a buyer or successor who would or could run the company just as you is impossible. Why? Because we are all different. That doesn’t mean the company, culture, brand and market focus would necessarily change, but the way any person leads and grows a business and manages its employees varies.

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Julie Keyes is a national speaker, teacher, business consultant and Certified Exit Planner. As a life-long entrepreneur, and current faculty member for Hoopis Performance Network and the Exit Planning Institute, she brings an uncommon set of skills and talent to every speaking and consulting engagement. Julie is the owner of KeyeStrategies, a small business advisory firm, and she has recently launched her own podcast show titled Poised for Exit. Her mission with every reader, client or audience member is to unpack the mystery of Business Exit Planning, explain the process and provide a road map for succession that owners can understand, and advisers can implement. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs exit on their own terms and not someone else’s.


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