Beginning of a New Cycle — Lionesses of Africa

by Catia Mondlane 

A new year indicates the beginning of a new cycle and certainly the renewal of hopes and positive expectations. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the natural inclination most of us feel, to start the new year with new goals and aspirations both professionally and personally. On the other hand, one can consider how the business is doing so that one can implement some changes in terms of purpose and steps to take.

A decent place to begin is by taking a look at both the positive accomplishments and a rundown of misfortunes throughout 2021. Here we can carefully describe the situation by making a detailed list of the positive and negative aspects so that realistic goals can be set for this year. On the one hand, we analyze the expansion of the number of customers, products or plugins sold compared to the previous year; positive evaluations and surveys; new followers; new workers who joined the organization; prizes or received recognition from external sources and so on. 

On the other hand, the negative reactions to a new product, negative social media feedback, losses, decrease of clients and followers, etc. This will assist us with being more ready for 2022. One can get ready for these issues and sort out ways of trying not to rehash any slip-ups.

For a healthy, growing business, planning is vital, and that is why we have to be open to learning something new that can be valuable for one’s business and added to one’s skills. In this case, it is equally important to expand our networking by joining in new business partnerships and groups by strategically approaching networking events that can benefit us and lead to a more successful experience on our journey.

Another important thing about this process is to drop whatever is not working for now. Don’t force it, don’t invest a lot of energy, time and money into trying to make the unworkable workable, but into whatever is flowing. As law of attractions suggest, one should follow the path of least resistance and have more time to restructure and energy to invest in something that will bring success later on.

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