Bonolo Simon and Kefilwe Matake, two entrepreneurs building a natural haircare brand in Botswana  — Lionesses of Africa

What inspired you to start your company?

Fro’Niques was inspired by our love for Africanism, natural hair, and beauty. My sister and I keep and nurture natural hair and throughout our natural hair journey it was difficult to find the right products for our crown. By the right products we mean organic products that are chemical free with no parabens, silicon, and sulphates, hence we started Fro’niques as a way to close the gap.

Why should anyone use your service or product?

As kids growing up in the world where media influences beauty, we tend to get the picture in our minds that says your hair needs to look a “certain way” in order to be considered beautiful e.g., it should be straight or chemically processed. We’re tirelessly working to empower people to embrace and be proud of their roots, to know that there’s nothing wrong with their natural hair, it doesn’t have to be manipulated in any way. All it needs is the right products, which is what we offer at Fro’Niques. We want kids to grow up knowing that they are enough, their hair is beautiful the way it is.

Our products are made of carefully selected organic and plant-based ingredients that have countless benefits for the hair, and they are baby friendly. Fro’Niques is a home where beauty is celebrated at its core, that is why we provide all in house services from natural hair care products, to wash, to styling.

Tell us a little about your team

Our team is made of two young ladies who believe that everything possible as long as you put in all your effort, be consistent and intentional about achieving your goals. We are women who are self-made, we have made it a habit that we are going to provide the best quality services in our business, attend master classes and become experts in what we do. We shall in the future as we grow add other members to the team.

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