Cheers to women — Lionesses of Africa

by Catia Mondlane 

Nowadays, the idea of being an entrepreneur has been the main theme. From small community campaigns to large international platforms which have not only sold the idea that entrepreneurship is the way to success and financial independence, but also recently adopted the inclusive method where women empowerment programs have been the main target of the moment, not just encouraging them but funding their brilliant projects.

The role of women within society is unquestionable and has been of great influence, from the family to the great governmental and business positions. This is evidence that women are reaching a point where they recognize their worth, their capacity to make their own decisions, and their entitlement to impact social changes for themselves and others. Privileges arise as part of a significant worldwide development in acknowledging the role of women, and is proceeding to kick off something new, firmly lined up with female strengthening and common freedom that is likewise key to accomplishing a prosperous world.

It is important to recognize that, globally, women are facing various difficulties in their lives, due to the overload of daily tasks and the lack of necessary support. Many do not have access to adequate education and their own perceptions, abilities and survival strategies often go unnoticed. But regardless, I have witnessed women who are steadfast in their efforts to achieve an outcome that will ultimately benefit everyone. They are creative and conceptualize ideas that no other person would have considered on the off chance that they hadn’t given themselves an answer as they did.

Whenever conditions are hard and it seems like everything around has issues and difficulties, women can constantly see the Master Plan. They realize that life will continuously have both its favorable and less promising times. That is why they appear resilient, seek clarification on some pertinent issues, and importantly keep their focus on the final result.  Rather than have a ‘Fixed Mindset,’ they are open minded (I can realize what I want; I can develop) and can see what is going on as far as what can be acquired from that mindset together with a desire to attempt new things. Whether (un)employed, entrepreneur, or both, women have shown themselves to be versatile and committed to achieving individual and common goals. So, here’s cheers to women!

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