Confident Communication Checklist — Lionesses of Africa

by Laura Camacho, PhD and Culture Fixer

The number one thing everyone seems to want in their communication toolbox is confidence on demand. As a well-seasoned (at times too spicy!) executive communication coach, I have engaged in literally thousands of deep conversations with leaders from everywhere. We chat with the shared goal in mind: to be a better communicator.

Most leaders and business owners feel comfortable in addressing their reports, employees, and colleagues. What throws them off is asking investors for buy-in, being asked questions by the board of directors, or contributing to an executive meeting.

Communicating a message in a way that comes across as supremely confident is an unbeatable skill.

From my long list of executive communication best practices, here’s your curated Confident Communication Checklist.


Modern professionals tend to accumulate stress between the shoulders. Stretch out your arms and release that tension.


Stand, or sit up straight. If you are speaking to a group virtually, it’s best to stand. If you don’t have a standing desk, you can put one together. This is my “engineered” standing desk I use for all virtual group presentations.

Rule of 3

Everyone in your audience is overworked, overwhelmed, over zoomed, and distracted. At most they can remember 3 things. Keep your message to 3 points, or only one, and number the items for additional polish.


Why are you speaking to this audience? What are you trying to achieve? Why should they listen? The answer to these questions should be what comes out of your mouth as soon as you are introduced (assuming introductions are in order for the occasion.)

Next Steps

What happens next? What do you want your audience to do, to think, or to feel? Lay out a road map, even if it’s tentative. Explaining what’s expected to happen next, or what needs to be done by when comes across as pure confidence.

Use this checklist to help you succeed in that next presentation or high-stakes conversation. Being a confident communicator at work is like having money in the bank: priceless.

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