Cultivating a business image — Lionesses of Africa

by Helena Naitsuwe Amadhila

An image reflects the business. It is a mirror through which customers will see your business. A mirror provides a visual image which would be visualized in customers eyes. It is an identity to differentiate your business from all other businesses. The differentiation will enable your business to be reckoned with. Therefore, your business image places your business in a great competitive advantage through visual identification which could be easily differentiated from other businesses.

Building a business image is a continuous process which requires commitment, persistence, and consistency in order for the business image to become a household image.

Commitment: this is a pledge that you must make to yourself not to give up, no matter the amount and number of turbulences’ you are encountering on the journey of building your everlasting business image.

Persistence: building a business image requires willpower and tenacity to reap continuous enjoyable and independent financial fruits.

Consistency: the application of uniformity and reliability in the process of building your business image will ensure good results. During this stage, accommodate flexibility to ensure relevance in the era of digitalization and continuous innovation in the business world.

To this end, it can be concluded that building a business image is cyclical in nature and should form part and parcel of the business canvas model. This should be done to ensure interconnectedness of all various parts of the business to be viewed and dealt with holistically.

A business without a unique business image will not be able to be seen, thus missing out on valuable customers, suppliers and important business networks which could help the business to flourish.

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