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For all those women entrepreneurs who have experienced burnout, help is at hand from author and burnout expert Caitlin Donovan, in her new book The Bouncebackability Factor: End Burnout, Gain Resilience, and Change the World. This is a deep and real examination of the true causes of burnout and how to heal them within yourself. 

The Bouncebackability Factor by Caitlin Donovan offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to really get to grips with and understand the 7 major burnout causes and their fixes. The main message: Burnout is not your fault. This book will prove that to you all while holding your hand and guiding you toward healing. 

This is a book for everyone who has ever felt FRIED, with a special focus on women entrepreneurs. In a world where women are told that they can have it all and be it all, the high achievers are looking down from the top of the mountain and wondering why it doesn’t feel as good as they thought it might. As opposed to focusing on the workplace, increasing positivity, leaning in even more, or productivity measures, The Bouncebackability Factor zooms in on the real reasons burnout is so rampant and what every woman can do to end their own personal burnout culture in order to reclaim energy, joy, and fulfillment.

In The Bouncebackability Factor, you will learn what burnout really is (signs, symptoms, physiological changes); the Top 7 reasons you burn out; Why those reasons are not your fault; Exercises to help you unwind your own personal burnout culture; What Bouncebackability is and why it even matters; and How to STOP the burnout cycle in your life and live with energy and joy.

Author Quotes

I focus on burnt out successful entrepreneurs because that’s who I was. I come from a deep place of understanding for your situation because I LIVED it.

You entered the entrepreneurial world and built a passion-based business. You help people. You’re good! So, why don’t you feel good? 

Burnout, you’ll hear me say over and over, is a combination of internal and external factors. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for both of those.

My hope for this book is that it helps you find your way through burnout faster and more easily than I did and increases your bouncebackability factor so much that, no matter what happens, you hold an unshakeable belief…..you will always be able to bounce back from burnout.

About the author

Caitlin Donovan is one of New York’s leading burnout experts, a licensed acupuncturist, and host of FRIED – The Burnout Podcast. With a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Caitlin combines Eastern wisdom with her natural practicality. After treating over 25,000 patients and healing from her own burnout, Caitlin pivoted into 1:1 coaching, corporate workshops, and keynotes, all with a focus on healing burnout in women entrepreneurs.


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