Entrepreneur Advice from Nicole Magerman / Don’t wait for the perfect time to start — Lionesses of Africa

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start!… 

“Don’t wait on money or making time to kick start your journey. Start now and fuel your goals on the way! Remember, hesitation is the mind killer!”

Nicole Magerman is the founder of Girl Spectrum in Mozambique, a women empowerment, mental health and self-care forum founded as a movement that embraces and celebrates the feminine essence. Girl Spectrum’s goal is to promote and sustain gender equality, confidence building and eliminate limitations set for women based on their gender. Women from different socio-economic backgrounds come together to support and empower each other personally and professionally. Girl Spectrum offers programs such as Love School (Relationship Forum), Girl Boss (Entrepreneurial Forum), “All About I” (Confidence Building Program), as well as the Steal the Show Program (Artistic Forum).

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