Every Single Fashion Brand Involved In the Smart Money Woman Series

More than ever before, Nigeria is witnessing the rise of male and female designers who make ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that make men and women feel stylish and inspire confidence in them. Whether it is corporate or casual wear, leather handbags, these designers sure know how to style their clients.

And this celebration of Nigerian fashion was a key part of the Smart Money Woman Universe. Check out every single fashion brand involved in  the TV Show:


The Republic is a shopping and retail brand that brings you the best of Nigerian fashion brands. The Republic caters to the fashion needs of both men and women. There is an emphasis on the sale of chic, casual easy wear for both genders.


Connecting affordable fashion with sustainability and an attention to accessible, durable design is the fuel that propels JZO Fashion. Everything they do as a consortium is tethered to these ideas, and they influence our design decisions, our business strategy and the kind of men and women we dress. They care about where the clothes they make end up, who makes them and why they matter to the people who shop their racks.



Adey Soile is a female fashion brand that caters to the fashion needs of working-class women in Nigeria. The brand creates chic, classic work wear and power dresses for Nigerian women. Their focus however now includes casual easy wear and night wear. The aim of the brand is to revolutionise women’s wardrobes and create timeless clothing that will never go out of style.


DZYN is an Abuja based fashion brand run by Ogwa Iweze. The brand started out in 2013 by creating casual dresses but later upscaled into designing and large-scale production of garments. The brand’s inspiration is drawn from the Nigerian style and the integration of cultures that are quintessential to their homeland. DZYN prioritizes quality and ensures every stage of the production of garments is meticulously supervised to produce high-quality results.

For Style Sake (FSS)

For Style Sake, a fashion blog that began as a platform for two sisters, Salewa and Segi to keep up with each other especially with their new fashion find and evolving style in 2011 has evolved and has grown quite a following with over a million visits to the blog and counting and a women’s wear brand that is known for making stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces for women who want to make a statement or stand out. FSS is inspired by traditional Nigerian attire and uses unconventional indigenous fabrics like Asooke to create modern statement pieces.

Things Nigerians Love (TNL)

Things Nigerians Love (TNL) is a fashion brand founded in 2016 due to a lack in the market for non-traditional African clothing. The fashion brand is influenced by the founder’s sense of style and her takes on current trends. The brand has a mission to provide quality clothing for women who want to wear nice things without having to break the bank. Recently, TNL Designs unveiled its latest collection tagged Women of Colour which was created to serve as a reminder to women of colour to stand out and turn heads in any room they walk into and do so wearing colour.


Zephans and Co. is a brand that offers original, and well-cut African-made women’s apparel. The brand focuses on making women look strong and sexy in clothes that complement their style and that women can continue to wear season after season. Zephans and Co uses real African fabric such as adire and batik to make beautiful modern pieces.


Cinnamon Lagos is an international feminine fashion brand known for its fashion-girl appeal. The brand’s garments are strictly made in Nigeria. Cinnamon Lagos aims to make women look confident in her personal style and centre her as an important element of a well-executed look. They try to provide special pieces that accentuate the uniqueness in every woman – her confidence, elegance, and impeccable taste.


Lola Baej is a Lagos-based contemporary women’s label. The brand is known for detailed, bold, and sophisticated pieces that capture a woman’s femininity, strength and confidence. All of Lola Baej’s pieces are focused on ensuring that the woman flaunts her style.




Jewel Jemila is a ready-to-wear brand launched in 2016. Every piece that the brand churns out is super chic and sophisticated and made to fit every woman perfectly irrespective of her body type and to inspire confidence. Each piece is designed for movement, infused with beautiful colours to compliment the Jewel Jemila woman’s figure.



Lady Biba is a female fashion brand best known its stunning work wear.  Lady Biba’s looks are bold, interesting yet modest and will definitely attract attention in a positive way. Apart from workwear Lady Biba also has  a sister brand for loungewear, LB Eazy Wear.


House of Julyet Peters is a Nigerian womenswear brand. The clothing company uses beautiful fabrics of various colours including traditional African fabrics such as Ankara to make unique and trendy outfits ranging from dresses, power suits, gowns among other things. Each piece is meticulously made to give the Julyet Peters woman a unique  look.


A woman’s outfit is never complete unless she matches with the perfect handbag. One of the places to shop for the perfect handbag is Kisara . Kisara is a fashion brand that creates quality handmade leather handbags for stylish women. All of their handbags are made from materials sourced local and meticulously sewn and painted for the Kisara woman to make stand out and build her confidence.


If you are looking to make a splash in contemporary pieces with an African touch then, TokaToka is the brand to visit. TokaToka which is a Hausa word for grey exemplifies all the stretch of emotions a woman goes through as we all live in shades of grey. Whatever a woman’s emotions are, TokaToka captures them perfectly in their designs. Their designs reveal a blend of comfort and style that reflects the TokaToka woman’s personality and makes her a confident woman.


Kaiser is a lifestyle brand that creates and designs men’s suits. The brand prides itself as one committed to creating quality and timeless pieces for men with the intention that the Kaiser man feels elegant, dapper, amazing and comfortable in each piece.


Fazsion is a unisex retail hub that offers Nigerians authentic luxury fashion and beauty items at quite an affordable rate. All of their products are carefully and specially sourced from select brands across Europe.


Atafo is a menswear and womenswear fashion brand that drives on its delivery of opulence through bespoke services. The brand focuses on creating elegant and glamorous dresses for women and well-crafted bespoke tailored suits for men. With several features on shows like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Arise Magazine Fashion Week, the brand has also launched its bridal line called, “Weddings” by Mai Atafo which delivers all the clothing needed to achieve a fairytale wedding.


1407 is a rising menswear fashion brand. The brand aims at creating really stylish and classic pieces for its male customers. 1407 employs a variety of various techniques in creating men’s pieces. Some of their collections feature loose-fitted tunics, shorts, Bermudas and pants with impeccable detailing.


Lisk is a fashion outfit that makes tailored custom-made outfits and accessories. The brand leverages on technology as a means to bridge the gap in the fashion industry in Nigeria. The fashion outfit emphasises individuality and carefully tailored their outfit to suit their clients. Their versatility is seen in how they create outfits to fit into the daily lifestyle of individuals from the corporate world to owambe and every other thing in between.


Frankie and Co is a womenswear brand that focuses on making women look stylish and great. At the core of the brand is inclusivity and diversity. The brand caters to the fashion needs of women irrespective of their size. Fashion and co wears can be described as casual and comfortable yet stylish and chic.



Grey Velvet is one of the fastest-growing fashion chains in Nigeria with stores in major malls in the country as well as an online store. The fashion retail brand works with more than fifty (50) African and Nigerian designers to cater to the fashion needs of both men and women.



Imad Eduso is a female fashion brand that focuses on creating, sophisticated, vibrant and functional pieces for the modern-day woman. The brand creates classic styles using contemporary trends and colours to create versatile pieces for the Imad Eduso woman. In 2017, the brand introduced its bridal arm, “Imad Eduso Bridal” for brides who want a minimalist but edgy design for their weddings.



Roksana, derived from the Russian name for ‘Star of Magnificence’ is a female clothing brand. The brand creates ready-to-wear clothes for women with a taste and desire for timeless fashion. At the heart of Roksana is the need to create beautiful designs that radiate elegance with a combination of comfort, quality and style.



Zivanora is a minimalist jewellery brand created for men and women who love chic, clean and modern style. The jewellery brand designs pieces that are graceful, comfortable, delightful and perfect for special occasions and every day in between. It is created for the wearer to feel special and confident in their style at any occasion or location.



Bloom by FBD is  a minimalist, functional and young at heart womenswear brand. The brand believes in making women feel special, beautiful and most importantly, confident! They specialise in pieces that are fun and flirty, and the range spans everything from cute summer dresses, to polished jumpsuits, flirty separates and more that are tailored with love.



Morning Evening Afternoon Styling is an online retail store for African high street pieces. The brand creates a platform where designers can sell to a larger market and where everyday girls can find a wide range of amazing designs from Nigerian designers.



Belois is a fashion brand based in Abuja. The brand is known for its stylish pieces. It employs beautiful fabrics including African fabrics to make comfortable, chic and timeless pieces that women can wear anywhere from the board room to parties.



Kola Kuddus is a menswear brand in Nigeria. The fashion outfit offers bespoke services to men of different ages, sizes, and backgrounds. Kola Kuddus’ designs can be best described as urban African design – a unique blend of African authenticity and creativity. The brand offers elegant pieces that make a man look stylish and bring out his innate fashion sense.



JOAGHSports is Nigeria’s first fitness wear line dedicated to making sporting goods affordable and accessible to Nigerians and Africans. The brand’s fitness wear can be described as Afrocentric, catering to the athletic needs of Nigerians and Africans. JOAGHSports offers such as sportswear or activewear, workout gear or gym gear among others.



Davana Jewelry is a contemporary jewellery label known for creating a series of easy and effortless styles. The brand caters to people who like minimalist and modern styles. Davana Jewelry focuses on super affordable minimalist jewelry which customers can get without having to break the bank.



Elanred is a unisex retail hub that sells both men and women’s corporate wears and casuals. The unisex concept store located in Lekki, Lagos has housed more than two hundred multi-brands from Nigeria and can be said to be a place for discovering fashion designers as well as beauty and lifestyle from Nigeria.



The INKHA brand is for the multifaceted lifestyle of the millennial woman. With accessible pieces both financially and style-wise, your wardrobe will never lack of adaptable and trendy looks. Inkha also represents bold colours, quality fabric and avantgarde style. Whatever your next occasion is, you’re bound to stand out with an Inkha piece. The brand is every fashion girls favourite!



Sanusi Lagos  is an exclusive lifestyle streetwear brand that was formed to bridge the gap for affordable luxury streetwear clothing in Africa. The brand is inspired by a fusion of influences inspired by our environment, culture and lifestyle, heightened by Seyi Sanusi’s(Creative Director of the brand) love of Hip Hop culture, Music and Luxury Streetwear. The brand is a fresh perspective to Nigerian design and also a favourite with the most fashion forward African celebrities such as Ice Prince, D’Banj, Wizkid, Davido, The Mavins and more.




Torlowei is a  family-owned fashion house based in Lagos, Nigeria, specialised in designing and producing sustainable, timeless and ethical pieces.



Big Ben Kilani is a premium suiting brand that seeks to challenge global perceptions of Africa through design, small batch production . All suits Their shoes are designed by the founder and made in Lagos, Nigeria.


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