Five tips to reframe 2021 — Lionesses of Africa

by Charmel Flemming 

As I moved gently into 2021, I was extremely aware of the negativity surrounding the impact 2020 would have on us. It was, by all accounts an unprecedented year! My husband and I each run our own businesses from home. We have two daughters aged four and seven. 2020 encouraged us to work smarter and brought us closer as our family shared the same space 24/7, for months at a time. I am by nature, a life-loving entrepreneur, with a positive outlook on life and all the possibilities open to us, just waiting to be grasped and explored.

As entrepreneurs, many of us entered into 2021 from a place of fear and uncertainty that 2020 had instilled in us. This perpetuated a mindset of scarcity, and created anxiety in the minds of many resolute business women. It is how we handle these situations that determines our success. How you deal with day-to-day aspects of your life. 2021 may bring equal if not more challenges for us to face.

I was recently asked the question as an entrepreneur and business owner; “How do you do it all?” Well mostly, I feel as though I’m winging it at times. This doesn’t mean I run my business less effectively or that I don’t pursue my goals. What is does mean is that every day is different and life may throw a curveball at us. Our reaction to these happenings will shape our days and years to come.

Whilst I’m sure you have read and quite possibly put many of your own practices in place, I would like to share five practices that I use daily – and hopefully will help you pave a less challenging road to navigate and reframe 2021.

1. Wellness

  • Sleep – aim to get seven to nine hours every night where possible. Try to shut off all electronics an hour before bed. I function at my peak on eight hours sleep a night.

  • Eating – follow a healthy eating plan; more greens and nutritious meals and drink more water.

  • Physical activity – this doesn’t have to be strenuous. Walking, yoga, low impact exercising are highly beneficial modes of exercise too. Keep moving!

2. Make Lists

  • Running a business and home would not be possible without writing up and following my lists. I love making lists. My life is all about making lists.

  • Before life overwhelms you and everything gets too much, make up separate to do, to buy, to fix, to achieve lists.

  • Set practical and achievable timelines to each of the tasks. You will very quickly find that your life is starting to run a lot smoother, and you are achieving more. This will give you a much needed and deserved sense of peace and order.

  • Be kind to yourself when you don’t tick off everything on your list. Don’t get too hung up on the things you didn’t do – tomorrow will be a good day too.

3. Support Base

  • Have a good support base. Have people around you that you can phone and say; today is not a good day. That is also ok. We all have those days.

  • 2020 separated friends and family members for long periods of time.

This was stressful, we as human beings, do not thrive on being alone. In difficult times, we need our family and friends as pillars of support in our lives.

  • It is important to have a strong network of supportive family and friends to enhance our mental well-being. We need this network in both times of joy and distress.

  • My advice is not to make as many friends as possible, but instead strive to focus on the several important relationships you have in your social circle and strengthen these relationships.

  • These will be the people you can turn to for advice and encouragement whenever you are facing difficult times, and to celebrate the good times with you too.

4. Use Technology

  • If I had to lose my phone I would be lost. I run my busines, my personal life – whether it is my lists, shopping online or just trying to use technology to make things easier for me. A big tip within a tip here – back up!

  • Technology can help us to work smarter, stay connected and simplify our work and home lives.

  • Embracing technology can keep you connected to your friends, family and colleagues. It will also keep you updated with world affairs and help keep your life working to its fullest potential.

5. Financial Health

One of life’s greatest stresses is financial stress. It can even cause physical symptoms like insomnia, headaches, fatigue. You may consider cutting, reducing or consolidating operating expenses, and this would be wise in many instances. The one critical area I would implore you take care of though, is your finances. I’m one of the few fortunate ones who came through 2020 not only unscathed, but grew my accounting business by signing on new clients. Many small business owners that I talk to think their business is either too small for a financial consultancy, or is in financial disarray. Neither of these factors should preclude you from appointing someone to take care of your finances. This in itself is a stress which takes away from the core focus and function of your business model. You need to feel confident that you are able to pre-empt whatever is coming, and that you have a solid guidance of a financial person/team who is able to navigate uncertain waters with you. 2021 may be time to get your financial house in order.  FTwelve can provide your business with the accounting and administration support your need to grow. Give yourself the time to focus on your core business development. Less stress and more enjoyment!

So, in conclusion; my wish for you is to embrace 2021 with the determination of the Lioness you are!

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