From Chalk and Talk to Hands on learning methodology for STEM Scholars in Uganda – Forum for African Women Educationalists: FAWE

By FAWE Uganda team

Many teachers in STEM powered schools all over Uganda are abolishing the old “chalk and talk” method of teaching in favor of computer motivated approach which supports more of hands-on interactive learning a new trend of the 21st Century, a change worth celebrating STEM.

This new teaching approach involves use of computers, projectors, and carrying specimen in class for example in Biology lessons and then discussing student centered topical innovations most especially in physics in every appearance of teacher in class.

In this new method, research is mandatory as teachers are supposed to hunt for relevant videos tagged to different topics of learning of which research is extended to students who are expected to exhaust the computer labs to dig even deeper about the topics they are yet to learn in days to come.

The students are enjoying firsthand experience during learning. After all, seeing is believing!

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