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Stress expert Kathy Mann believes that stress is not something that can be dominated, suppressed or avoided, and in her book Harnessing Stress, she shows us how it’s possible to learn how to live with it and harness it for good.  Kathy says that by  understanding the way our brains and bodies react in supporting us through stressful situations, we can learn to embrace stress and to use it to our advantage, in life and in business.

In her book Harnessing Stress, author and stress expert Kathy Mann, tells us that learning to appreciate the responses of our bodies to stressful situations and figuring out how to embrace stress, leads to higher resilience. She says that stress can also help us to forge deeper relationships, achieve our dreams and learn from our mistakes. Research shows that our beliefs about stress affect our productivity, happiness and longevity. Kathy’s book will show you how to shift your beliefs in a positive way around stress and adversity, leading you towards happiness and success. This book could be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for to learn how to harness stress and to thrive in today’s world.  Harnessing Stress is for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to embrace the stress in their lives.

Author Quotes

Learn how to use stress as fuel to become the best version of you possible.

I teach people about a variety of helpful stress responses and move people into a space where they see stress as an ally, rather than something to be feared or avoided.

I developed a stress-induced auto immune disease that caused great disruption in my life. I want to help people to avoid such an event.

I love it when I have shifted someone’s thinking to be more positive, to empower people into a place where they feel that they can cope with life’s adversities.

About the author

Kathy Mann is the author of Avoiding Burnout and Harnessing Stress. Beyond her burnout, she appreciates all the beautiful ways that stress helps her and she guides others towards working with their physiology instead of against it. Kathy has a wealth of knowledge in the field of stress, leveraging international research in building a constructive relationship with stress, by sharing the variety of stress responses that exist and how we can benefit from them. She lives in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and two daughters.


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