Keep the Faith and Hold your Head High  — Lionesses of Africa

by Sibongile Mtsabe

Better ideas, solutions, and innovations are inside of you. When you were born, you were born to impact others. It is up to you to discover your talents and work on them to grow and be better, day by day. 

When you believe in yourself, in a way you influence others to believe in you too. Take some time out, deep in thoughts and meditation, connecting to God, and you will bring solutions to humanity. You know that God made us to be innovative, and the problems of the world can be solved through those who discover their purpose and pursue it. You were born for a purpose, so fulfill it. It might be a challenging time or process, but keep on moving. 

When you keep on doing what you are good at, and improving every day, things will automatically fall into place. Most of all carrying a positive attitude that believes you will ultimately make it. What is it you can do without complaining and struggling? What bothers you when you see it and think that it should not be done that way? Look closer, because it might be what you were born to solve. As you solve humanities challenges you will get rewarded for it. Keep the faith and hold your head high, you were born to win. 

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