Kicking Pebbles Around — Lionesses of Africa

by Eldari Visser 

This time of the year is when writers like to look back and reminisce on the year just gone and to get new ideas. Let’s get it clear – this past year was like flat green cold tea! Yuck. We can all do with something new.

So as I am walking along a wild little road kicking a few pebbles, it felt as if I kicked each problem and hurt away from me. A couple very hard and far, others close by so that I could get that double whammy kick in. In my thought process I realized I survived. I was sick, but not overly. My side huddle kept me busy and the stories in my head became more. I can now go and keep on kicking stones or I might pick a few up. Maybe a glass to put them, or in a jar as a reminder of a bad day that I survived. I think we can all get a good feeling from jars of kicked pebbles on your front porch. They will all have a story.

Junglewealth decided this year, due to popular demand, to write about our life. Hence, Junglewoman was born. With a different take still on your money and your self-care. Baby, we came a long way! Just as I decided on this name, a small African eagle dropped straight out of the sky – straight down to its prey. What a majestic manoeuvre! That eagle mom’s life is the same as ours. Wake up – shake ready- think of things to do – and off you go. Many days, late at night, you end up with the last catch of the day for the kids. You know what… she lives on pebbles and rocks …. Hmmm makes you think. Maybe a bigger pile is comfier?

Till next week. Don’t spend too much!!! You know it, your wealth is in your family.

Love and sun

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