Lioness Launch / Botswana’s agri-processing brand, Lemon & Vinegar, launches its new chutney product — Lionesses of Africa

Lemon & Vinegar Pty Ltd, founded by entrepreneur Thato Angelina Gabaitse, is an agricultural production and processing company launched in 2014, in Botswana. The business has built a reputation for generating value by leveraging the creativity of partnering with local suppliers in its processes. The company produces a variety of products including beef biltong, fruit jam, and conveniently dried and packaged trail mix snacks. The latest product to be launched is a new Green Tomato Chutney – a must have for the fine dining experience and a great addition for the cheese board!

What makes the Lemon & Vinegar range of products different in the marketplace is that the company wants to make an impact through its food production and distribution. It engages in its daily business activities under the basic commitment of contributing to the sustainable empowerment of various industries in Africa and ensuring profitability of stakeholders. Ultimately, founder Thato Angelina Gabaitse, has aspirations for Lemon & Vinegar to be Africa’s premium food production and distribution company. The mission of the business is to produce and process the finest quality food products for the local and international markets through sustainable and eco-friendly methods.

The newly launched Green Tomato Chutney can be purchased through the Lemon & Vinegar website –

To find out more about all the food products created by Lemon & Vinegar, send an email to or check out the company via its social media platforms: 


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