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South Africa is renowned around the world for its fine wine-making, and this month sees the launch of a great new collection of wines from Birthmark of Africa Wines, founded by Miranda Abrahams. Customers can select from a great choice of Red and White wines, Blends and Champagne. The new collection includes Brut Chardonnay MCC – Méthode Cap Classique; Heritage Premium Red Blend; Heritage Premium White Blend; Premium Chardonnay; Premium Chenin Blanc; Premium Merlot; Premium Pinotage; and Premium Pinotage Rose. 

The story of Birthmark of Africa Wines is unique. Founder Miranda Abrahams is a proudly South African business woman who was born in Constantia on a farm with vineyards, where her mother used to eat a lot of grapes when she was pregnant with her. After being removed during the Apartheid Era to a disadvantaged area and experiencing many years of adversity, Miranda says God gave her, and her family, the gift to become winemakers. She believes that, “Prosperity is having God as your partner,” As a result, they ventured into the wine industry. Uniquely, Miranda was born with two birthmarks on her legs – one in the shape of Africa and the other one a bunch of grapes, which were replicated into the company’s logo. The company is named it “Birthmark Of Africa™ Wines” which links the past and the present to “a true destiny story”. Birthmark of Africa Wines is a 100% Black Owned Company and is 80% woman owned, 20% male owned, specializing in 100% South African wines. 

Speaking about her aspirations for the business, founder Miranda Abrahams says: “I would like to see our products globally in the near future.“

Anyone interested to know more about Birthmark of Africa Wines can contact Miranda via email: 

Interested customers can buy the complete range of products from Birthmark of Africa Wines by visiting the company’s website or can learn more about the brand on the company’s social media platforms:


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