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Babies Essence is a one-stop-shop selling baby, toddler and maternity items for parents in Nigeria, founded by entrepreneur Rainat Komolafe. She believes that at Babies Essence every step matters, and so is launching an inspirational series of two new books for kids between the ages of 5 to 12 years. The first book is the A-Z of Positive Affirmations for Kids, and this is accompanied by a Positive Affirmations Workbook, both written and produced by founder Rainat.

Babies Essence has built a well-earned reputation over the years for successfully helping clients to stay organized throughout the pregnancy period and beyond. It also has an online parenting forum where parents, guardians, experts and enthusiasts talk about different topics ranging from Pregnancy, Parenting, Education, and so on. 

Speaking about the launch of her inspirational new kids books range, founder Rainat says: “Our books are different because we used each letter of the alphabet to create a positive affirmation. And we designed a workbook to help them write their thoughts down by using alphabets. Our books are beautifully designed to capture the attention of our readers.”

Rainat adds: “Positive affirmation is a powerful tool that can improve a child’s life. Imagine a child with confidence and a positive mindset, he/she will feel as though they can take on the world!. Our aim for the new books is to boost the confidence level of every child. To give them the power to change their negative and unhealthy thoughts to positive ones.”

Anyone interested in buying the new books can visit the Babies Essence website or from

To find out more about Babies Essence, visit the company’s social media pages:


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