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Dr.Moz, the pioneering telemedicine platform launched by Sabina Ali and Dr. Natacha Amin in Mozambique, is a digital platform that aims to assist any user and facilitate on services in the areas of health and well-being. One of the objectives is to reduce the distance the population has to travel to find a medical service in the country, but also to decongest some hospital services.

Manada, Lda, co-founded by entrepreneurs Sabina Ali and Dr. Natacha Amin, is the App Planner company behind the pioneering telemedicine platform, Dr Moz, which has recently launched in Mozambique. Besides being a hub where users can freely navigate for information in the health and well-being sector, and also use the booking feature for appointments, Dr Moz also has a feature where users will be prompted if a certain blood type is being required for donation. The innovative feature is telemedicine, and Dr. Moz is an absolutely innovative tool in Mozambique, which will enable Mozambicans the opportunity to have access to quality health services and the information needed to safely choose a professional of excellence. With the advantage of using new technologies, founders Sabina and Natacha believe they can reach the whole country. The Dr. Moz platform was officially launched on 10 May at Rani Towers in Mozambique.

Speaking about the aspirations for the new Dr. Moz platform, Sabina Ali says:

Our goal is to try to make this product available to as many people as possible, expanding the concept nationwide. We know that it is a challenge, and we are here to overcome all the challenges that arise and to adapt to the different realities. As a virtual consultation tool, this platform allows the patient to have access to health services without having to leave home. And this in itself is a very significant asset in a country like ours.”

Sabina and Natacha add:

“This is a highly innovative and differentiating project in Mozambique, which will allow us to promote more and better services in the health sector. Our slogan is: Um clique para a saúde.”

To register as a service provider, send below the link from the Dr Moz YouTube channel with a step-by-step: To register as a user you have to download the App from Android’s PlayStore or Apple’s App Store and follow the steps to register. Watch the video from the Dr Moz YouTube Channel.

To find out more, contact Sabina Ali via email: or visit the company website and social media platforms:


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