Lionesses of Africa launches it’s new Portuguese portal for women entrepreneurs in Africa and the Diaspora — Lionesses of Africa

Our Lionesses of Africa Portuguese-speaking community of women entrepreneurs has now grown to over 40,000, and they are part of our 1.5 million strong community of women business builders across the African continent and the Diaspora. They play an increasingly important role as they contribute to economic growth and job creation in their countries. This new Lionesses of Africa Portuguese portal aims to support their growth by showcasing their stories, inspiring them through engaging and relevant content, and connecting them to one another and to new markets for shared growth and collaborative business opportunities. This new portal is also all about giving voice to these women entrepreneurs in Portuguese speaking Africa. We have an incredible team of contributor writers, all women entrepreneurs, who bring their personal insights and a wealth of experience to share.

Speaking about the launch, Lionesses of Africa founder and ceo, Melanie Hawken, said:

“The Lionesses of Africa Portuguese portal reflects our mission at Lionesses of Africa to help women entrepreneurs to build gateways to new markets and opportunities globally, and to make them more visible to potential customers, investors and funders. By doing so, they become better equipped to grow sustainable, impact driven businesses that contribute to the economic prosperity of the African continent.”

We would love to receive your feedback on our new Portuguese portal. Let us know what you think. Also, we want you to be part of our Lionesses of Africa movement and help us to share, inspire and connect the women entrepreneurs from Portuguese speaking Africa to the rest of the world. As we always say, we go ‘Further, Together’. So please share the link to our new portal with your networks, and speak to us about how you can get more involved in our social impact innovation work at Lionesses of Africa. Send us an email to

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