Meet Mozambique’s women entrepreneurs who are showcasing the country’s unique business offerings — Lionesses of Africa

In Focus / Mozambique

Like countries across the African continent, Mozambique is emerging from the impact of many challenges over the past two years, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. But those challenges have spurred on women entrepreneurs in the country who want to create businesses that can help them to better weather the social and economic storms going forward. What each of these women entrepreneurs share in common is a passion for the businesses they are creating, ambition for the brands they are launching, and a desire to create opportunities and jobs for local people. These true Lionesses of Africa are not just showcasing their own unique products and services to the world, getting consumers interested in buying what they have to offer, but they are also putting Mozambique on the map and stimulating interest from across the continent.


This month, we invite you to meet some of Mozambique’s women entrepreneurs who are building businesses and brands that represent the wide range of products and services on offer in the country. Their business offerings range from commodity value added products such as luxury tea, through to cutting edge tech companies, cosmetics brands, media services, transportation companies, fashion manufacturing businesses, food producers, and so much more. Read about them and get know these amazing women entrepreneurs through their startup stories, and then go and experience Mozambique’s entrepreneurial scene for yourselves.

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