Meet the Crew – Faith Edobor


What is your biggest dream for this year and where do you want to be in the five years?

My greatest dream this year is to complete 100 productions.I want to be identified as one of Nigeria’s top 5 young fashion stylists impacting the world of fashion while making money too. Next five years I want to be a successful and internationally recognized stylist, known for swift differences, being a good representation for Nigeria at the peak and I also want my fashion brand (rickyXtopha) to be known worldwide.


Favourite Nigerian/African designer?

I don’t have one in particular but some which I know and have seen their worksimproving our local brands and taking them internationally are Kenneth Ize and Maki Oh..


How did you get your start in fashion/film?

In 2015, I was called to work as an Intern for Lagos Bridal Fashion Week and was commended by our supervisor for doing well, so I thought to myself, okay maybe this is something I can work more on down the line. Thereafter in 2019, I also got a chance to work as a Model manager for Arise Fashion Week 2019 which I was grateful for.


What is your biggest dream for this year and where do you want to be in the five years?

The first is to work on a film or TV show that will be shot outside Nigeria. The second is to finally produce my short film on rape issues and gender awareness.


Who is your dream fashion or film personality to work with/for?

For fashion, Naomi Campbell, and Mai Atafo, while for film, Bose Oshin and Charles Okpaleke.


Favourite Nigerian/African designer?

Wana Sambo and Mai Atafo


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