Michael Motepe – African Farming

Michael Motepe, Madinyane, Brits, North West Province

We have just been through our kidding period and right now we are working to maintain the body condition of the ewes (or does) so that they can maintain their milk production. Our animals alternate between phosphate licks and energy licks and we use a molasses-based feed mixture for our energy supplement.

Ewes that have weaned their kids will be running with the ram (or buck) from now on. We want to get the body condition scores up so that our ewes are ready to breed during December.

Rams get a shot of Multimin, which gives them the trace minerals they need to ensure optimum semen quantity and quality. We prepare our rams for two months prior to the mating season as we believe that healthy rams improve the conception rate.

We dosed and vaccinated before the runup to the December breeding season. We dose with Pro-dose Orange, an internal parasiticide that helps fight nasal bot, liver fluke, roundworm and milk tapeworm. It also offers residual protection against re-infestation of wireworm and hookworm in goats.

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