Mildred Agbana, a premium organic, vegan skincare brand builder in Ghana — Lionesses of Africa

When did your start your business?

Kina Africa LLC was founded in 2016 and its subsidiary Kinapure in 2018.

What does your company do?

Kinapure produces the highest-grade of shea butter and other organic products, incorporating Nutrient-rich, Clean, Functional, Organic, Non-toxic, Non-GMO and Cruelty-free ingredients to deliver powerful skincare solutions. In addition to that, we are actively re-investing in the personal growth and long-term well-being of rural women in Savannah Ghana, as well as small owned female businesses in Ghana. Kinapure believes everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy skin/ageing journey and that is why our products are created for everyone irrespective of their race, age, gender or skin type.

What inspired you to start your company?

My first child; Gabby developed really bad eczema when she was only a baby. As a nurse for 10+years now, there are various treatments I know for various skin conditions. I tried them all from the most expensive skincare brands to the most organic homoeopathic solutions but nothing seemed to be working for her. Some did for a while, gave her a little relief but it was never permanent and it kept feeling like a never-ending war. My friends and family couldn’t even carry or play with her. She was so uncomfortable, fussy and didn’t enjoy being touched. She would cry and cry because she was itchy and uncomfortable all the time and as her mother, whenever she cried, I cried along with her. 

Finally, I brought up the issue with my mother and she reminded me of the power of the shea nut, the same one she used when she was pregnant with us (her children) and the same one she used for us when we were younger and had skin and hair issues. I went ahead to create a mixture with the shea butter and some other potent ingredients and used it on Gabby. I realized that even on the first day of use, Gabby had become relaxed, calm and was sleeping better. Within a few days, Gabby was already sleeping better and smiling brightly like she used to. My friends and family were impressed by the quick improvement in my daughter’s condition and asked me to make some of the elixir for them. No matter their skin tone, race, age or gender, they all came back with amazing feedback and results after using it. After realizing the elixir, I had unknowingly created rapidly advanced the quality of my daughter’s life and others, there was no turning back, this miracle product had to be shared with the world.

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