Piet Mothepu – African Farming

Piet Mothepu, Koppies, Free State

We have had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, and this makes our farm a breeding ground for many parasites. We are currently dosing for worms, especially tapeworm, which is prevalent in our area.

We use broadspectrum anthelmintics Prodose Orange and Eradiworm + Tape, as they also deal with liver fluke and nasal bot. We dip our flock regularly at this time of the year.

The wet weather conditions mean we must guard against bluetongue. We have vaccinated our animals with Covexin 10, a 10-in-one vaccine that protects against pulpy kidney, black quarter, sudden death syndrome, lamb dysentery and infectious necrotic hepatitis. The vaccine kicks in within 14 days and lasts for a year.

Some of our ewes are due to start lambing around March, so we must provide enough feed and supplements to boost their milk production and help them maintain good body condition after lambing.

We feed them Molatek Master 20 mixed with crushed yellow maize and salt – this should satisfy most of their protein needs. We also feed Voermol’s Maxi Block or Maxiwol Readymix. Both of these are high in protein and good for meat and wool production in sheep on veld.

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