Press On!  — Lionesses of Africa

by Didintle Moreki

The year is at its peak, my hand shakes as ink spills over this paper. A lot has happened. I have lost to gain, gained to lose. l have cried to laugh only to find myself laughing to cry again. I do not know if the ink is half full or half empty all l know is my hand has grown weary, over the lessons l have jotted down through the past months. I still amaze myself with the question; Is it really worth it?’ I know it’s a subject of mind, l know this is not how hope felt in January. I know it felt so much like possibility. But this thing, this thing called life has found its way to my feet, rained itself to my door step only to show me l am a pawn in a Chess Game and there is a Mastermind behind it. So l decide to Press ON.

So l decide to Press On. Press on l say, you have come so far to grow weary now. You have entered dens of dragons and slayed their heads. You have been thrown to the deep and found your way to the shore, Child, what is that you cannot accomplish? Press on, you have come so near to your defining, your names are synonyms of strength and perseverance. Your names are a prophecy of the life you will live. Acronyms put together to define the possibility you are. 

Look, l do not assure you that with the remaining ink in your pen you will not use it to write down sadness, tears or another ‘l am tired.’ What l am saying is, when your feet want to run to comfort because it is hard. And your mouth hauls,’ l cannot do this anymore.’ Run to the nearest mirror, gaze at the despair you are feeling now, and be amazed at how you let negativity introduce itself. But do not let it in, see its face but refuse to feel its presence. Remind yourself of how far you have come. The dragons you slayed. The giants you defeated. Remind yourself of the accomplishments. Congratulate yourself again. Then Press on! Continue. Speak Positivity into your life. Press on! At the end of day, we will not remember the times you fell, but the fact that you pressed on!

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