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Tell us a little about your team

Currently I am a solopreneur and depend on a temp team as the need arises. I certainly have plans for this to change in the future and aspire to build a team that is just as passionate as I am about the development of others. But in the meantime, I live in my strengths and surround myself with people who can assist me with my weaknesses.

Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey. And, do you come from an entrepreneurial background?

After ten years working in the private sector, the vision of Pink Lemon came to life. In 2016, ten years after the name was registered, on a whim I might add, it was finally time to take the leap and make it happen. So, for a year I did consulting work while I researched and planned the birth of my business. And in 2017 it was all systems go!
While in the private sector, I was effectively an intrapreneur as I had the opportunity to implement systems and strategies that resulted in business growth and revenue.

My parents are both entrepreneurs, so I believe that it was inevitable that I would follow the same path. They have instilled in me a passion for growth and following your dreams doing what you love and what can positively impact people. They inspired in me a desire to see something grow from the ground up and to create a legacy for my own children. As well as the joy you receive from being persistent and never giving up on taking a dream and turning it into reality.

I strongly believe that everything I have learnt and everywhere I have been professionally, have all been part of the journey leading me to this place. I know that I am walking in the plans and purpose that God has for my life, and I get to help people while doing that.

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