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Scaling Up Simplified by Shannon Teague is a book for small business owners who are serious about growing their businesses to the next level. Building a successful business is a difficult job; people put in everything to come out victorious. However, a few businesses scale up effortlessly because they practice a series of steps that makes them more proficient, productive, and profitable. In this new book, Shannon shares the roadmap to being among those incredible organizations.

In her new book, Scaling Up Simplified, Shannon Teague recognizes that as a startup entrepreneur, you may be facing a dilemma in your business. Perhaps you are struggling to acquire new clients, wearing multiple hats, launching products, barely keeping up with the trends, etc. And no matter how hard you try, it isn’t enough – you are not alone in this arena. It’s time you find out the right way to do things. In this book, you will uncover the roadmap that will lead to your financial salvation; it is tested multiple times, and the results are astounding. 

In Scaling Up Simplified, you will unravel how to:

  1. Unlock the proper mindset for success

  2. Practice compounding habits and experience phenomenal transformations

  3. Discern the authentic way of setting goals

  4. Build a positive workplace culture to manifest explosive business growth

  5. Decipher the core values that add to the company’s vision

  6. Establish an efficient method of recruiting a team of high-achievers

  7. Set up systems and processes that will encourage productivity and efficiency; hence saving time

  8. Break the complex chain of accounting and grasp the simple building blocks for consistent cash flow

  9. Create a raving fan base and entice people to be loyal even when you raise your prices. Marketing and branding 101.

It’s a fact 64.2% of small businesses struggle to recruit qualified talents, only 19% have the right culture, 50% lose their dynamic employees, and 17.9% of them never get new clients; this nightmare ends now. Scaling Up Simplified gives you the opportunity to read and gain the foundational knowledge that will help you build your business and scale it up quickly.

Author Quotes

I am incredibly passionate about starting and growing businesses, reaching financial freedom, taking the profits, and reinvesting them into the business and other investment strategies to create generational wealth in many forms.

It’s finally time for you to learn a simplified method of scaling up your profits, have more time in hand, and go way beyond your current level to attain your wildest dreams.

In scaling up, you must have a team that balances each other’s strengths and weaknesses; and a leader that can lead the team while ensuring the systems and goals are followed, and the business is on track.

About The Author 

Shannon Teague has been a successful businesswoman running various companies for the past eight years. She has established numerous businesses, from selling popcorn flavorings to huge cinema chains across the UK to a full-fledged recruitment organization for blue-chip companies. In the midst, she faced most of the struggles new business owners come across. Nevertheless, setbacks didn’t stop her from finding ways to learn, persist, and prevail. She is now trying to showcase business owners worldwide through her new publishing company on implementing the exact Scaling Up process.

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