Self Knowledge. Embracing the new. — Lionesses of Africa

by Elizandra dos Santos                

From a busy life to a new way of living with a lot of calm, we are invited daily to embrace the new. This new is so uncertain that it makes us stop to reflect and rethink issues that before were not considered a priority due to the excess of work and the hectic life we led. And now what to do with this excess of time if before we complained about not having it?

Maybe we can only hear our own voice, the anxieties, uncertainties, fears and joy, after all in all situations there is a good side. Do you have the habit of listening to yourself? Today we are going to start by tidying up our house (our interior). In this article we are going to get to know Deepak Chopra’s first spiritual law of success: the Law of Pure Potentiality.

For years, and as a result of the various results of frustrations, rejections, professional and personal failures, dissatisfied with the life I had and with the reality of society, I felt the need to look for answers that the world did not give me, that teachers did not answer, that my parents didn’t even have. But thanks to the many mistakes I made, I reached the peak of vulnerability where the solution was to learn to look inside myself and found that everything I was looking for outside was in my core. It was at this stage that I met Deepak Chopra who made me break several paradigms and better understand some spiritual laws. During this trip, I intend to share in a very brief way the contents that I think are important and relevant.

What does the Law of Pure Potentiality say? This law says that we are essentially pure consciousness. Our spirit is infinite and unlimited, within it we find all knowledge, balance, happiness, inner strength and simplicity, but for this to flow we need to learn to silence.

Now let’s separate water from wine by explaining the difference between success and law. Success is the path taken to reach a certain objective and not exactly reach the destination. This success can be made through the daily choices and decisions made by us. Law is about the unmanifested becoming manifested.

No tree grows overnight or is born ready-made, everything starts with a seed that is thrown into the ground, which needs to be watered and cared for so that after some time it can grow and bear fruit. It is at this stage of the tree’s growth that we can understand about the manifest expression I mentioned earlier since everything in the Universe is governed by laws.

To be successful we first need to be a successful person.

HAVE: start to own or receive something.

Having an agenda is very different from knowing how to use the agenda, that is, I can have an agenda to write down appointments and not use it.

BEING: possessing identity, particularity or inherent capacity.

Going to church does not make you intimate with God, but cultivating a life of prayer and meditation can make you spiritual and intimate with God.

People around the world make about 35,000 decisions a day. Going to work or not, completing a project, going to the gym to get your body fit, surprising your loved one, there are so many, subconsciously, we make many decisions and these are the exact keys to determine who we are. Because the actions we choose to take define our future.

Some Benefits of the Law of Pure Potentiality

• Discernment;

• Active and strengthened spiritual life;

• Connection with the essence itself;

• Wisdom;

• Fullness;

• Calm and happiness;

• More productivity;

• Innovation.

Our pure state is full of possibilities, the potential for opportunity is found in the whole, and there is no room for scarcity. When we realize that our true self is pure potentiality, we join with the power that manifests everything in the Universe through a transcendent (consciousness) where your individual mind communicates with the cosmic consciousness and right now you create your own abundant reality or poverty it all depends on you.

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