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Successful digital entrepreneur and author, Tolu Michaels, says that almost everyone believes that success starts with showing up, but many don’t know exactly how to do that in business. In her new book, Show Up, Tolu provides some great insights and advice on how to show up and stand out from the crowd.

If you have ever wanted to know what you can do at a practical level to make yourself and your business stand out from the crowd when it seems that many people can do what you do and anybody with internet access can learn what you know? In her new book, Show Up, author and entrepreneur Tolu Michaels shows you just how to muster up enough courage to put yourself out there, do work you love and attract the sort of clients you like, even if you’re not visibly successful yet. In her inspiring and practical book, Show Up, Tolu provides an easy-to-follow guide which will help entrepreneurs to find the clarity they need to position themselves in a visible way. She shows how to build a valuable brand, together with strategies to communicate a powerful brand message in a way that people listen and take notice. Tolu also provides a framework for creating products and services that sell themselves, and the confidence to create a business that both founders and customers love. Her message is that you don’t have to change yourself to be seen or lose your voice to be heard. There is always room for the best, and you can become the best available option for the people you want to serve. Show Up by Tolu Michaels is the blueprint that every entrepreneur needs to make that happen. 

In Show Up, entrepreneurs can find out how to harness their multiple talents in the business; find a viable and profitable idea; build a personal brand; create products and services that sell themselves; create a personal website to stand out on line; create content that people want to read and that makes them say YES; and how to deal with imposter syndrome and keep showing up in business and in life.

Author Quotes

You may have started your brand in many different directions, but now it’s time to get clear on your message, establish your expertise and position yourself for profit.

When you show up to your brand like this, you not only enrich your life, you give other people permission to do the same.

You have invested in yourself. You can’t waste all that by playing small with your vision.

About the author

Tolu Michaels is a digital entrepreneur and unapologetic people lover. She teaches modern entrepreneurs how to position themselves as valuable experts and leaders so they can impact lives profitably. Tolu considers herself a Nation Builder and lays her building blocks by writing and teaching. She trains thousands of entrepreneurs and subscribers weekly. Her bestselling book “Show Up” helps entrepreneurs to create a profitable brand doing work they love, with clients they like. She serves on the Board of Godlovers Fellowship, an organization she started as a teenager. She is also the host and creator of She Shows Up podcast. Tolu’s education includes Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering from Covenant University. As a personal brand strategist, she believes that personal branding should be purposeful and profitable. Through her digital programs, she has helped students and clients from several parts of the world get the clarity and confidence to show up online, communicate their value, and create a bigger impact with their work. 

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