Showing Up On Video is Crucial to Your Social Media Growth — Lionesses of Africa

by Bronwynne Wiehl

Let me start with a question. What do you remember seeing on any social media platform yesterday? Can you name a specific post? Do you remember who posted it? And what was the message? It’s not just you. It’s tough.

Most people need to pause to think about their answers. The truth is that we’re exposed to so much content and so many messages that very little makes a long-lasting impact.

We flick. We scan. We graze.

In fact, research shows the “new norm” in reading is skimming, with word-spotting and browsing through the text. Readers use an F or Z pattern when reading in which they sample the first line and then word-spot through the rest of the text.

When the brain skims, we don’t have time to grasp complexity, understand another’s feelings, or process information.

It makes me wonder how much of the content posted is actually making its mark. How much copy is being read? Are important messages being processed & understood?

Including video in my content strategy has been the secret to my growth, especially on Instagram.

  • I make sure I show up on Instastories daily sharing loads of behind the scene content.

  • I make a Reel showing my face at least once a week sharing valuable tips & tricks.

  • Gradually, my Instagram & LinkedIn posts have all featured my face in some form or another.

Here’s what I found:

When followers see my face daily, they remember me. I’ve become a part of their lives. Video has helped me to express different parts of my personality; remember, being unique is your superpower but you need to show up for people to experience it.

When my followers hear my voice, a stronger connection is made with my personal brand. People have heard my emotion, they’ve paid attention & now trust me easier.

I make sure my message can be easily consumed in a 60 second (or less) video. Each clip has the unique ability to forge a connection with my viewer almost instantaneously. 

Standing out is the key to growth on all social media platforms. The only way you stand out is by being you.

It’s a lot easier showing who you are & being known for something when people connect your face with your value.

The value you consistently share is what builds your brand over time and eventually, your personal brand becomes known for something.

So then, what’s holding you back?

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