Spotlight On: Kiki Achukwu for Zephans & Co

Do you think your costumes ended up reflecting either the personality or journeys of the characters in season 1?

Definitely! Ladun reminds me of a lot of our customers who spend a lot on luxury accessories and experiences, but like most millennials she doesn’t spend a lot on singular items. She’d rather buy a lot of different styles so she can stunt on the ‘gram and at her events (laughs). When things take a turn for the worse with her family, there’s a sharp change in her wardrobe choices, she becomes a little more subdued and less perfect.

Were there any costumes in Season 1 that you were particularly proud of?

I was proud of all of them, but I really loved her very first look. When we meet ladun for the first time, ostensibly when the scene is set for the marriage dynamic shes’s wearing a FIRE Zephans&Co look, the ‘Tana’ dress. It was a perfect character intro, she looked magnificent, which is always the aim!

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