Susan Nel, an entrepreneur in Namibia who turned her passion for photography into a successful business — Lionesses of Africa

Why should anyone use your service or product?

I have over 12 years of extensive experience. I am able to anticipate and photograph moments and emotion at a high level of quality and I always challenge myself to do more and better each time I pick up my camera. Mostly, however, is my love, fascination and absolute ability to connect with people in front of my lens and otherwise. To climb into their shoes and really SEE them and understand what and how to capture the essence.

I am not afraid to share knowledge, to dig deeper and do go further to help others achieve their goals. Actually, I welcome photography / business chats. I love to teach others the skill of photography I so desperately wanted to learn when I was young and didn’t have the means to do so. I also love to learn from others, through their successes and mistakes.

Tell us a little about your team

It’s only me. I love the flexibility. When I am in need of an assistant, I hire one. When I need a designer, I team up with my friend at Kunshuis who started with me. I always dream of having a PA, but financially I cannot afford someone yet.

Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey. And do you come from an entrepreneurial background?

My father is a farmer in the Northern Cape. My mother a teacher. So no, I did not grow up with any entrepreneurial background. However, I do believe that growing up on a farm taught me how to think out of the box. How to dream, but also how to be practical. A skill that came in very handy many times during my journey so far.

What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

I have this dream to one day apply for and receive a photography Grant to photograph ALL NGOs in Namibia that is fighting the fight against poverty and inequality.

I had my first exhibition EVER in February 2020 in support of SPEScharity – a local NGO I have been photographing for the last 10 years. I am also a board member on their board.

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