Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Real Estate environment  — Lionesses of Africa

by Pam Snyman 

What does it mean to be a real estate company that maintains a sustainable competitive advantage? At REDZetc we endeavour to do the following: Add value for our clients, i.e by delivering ongoing superior performance …easier said than done… What do we need to maintain that advantage? Constant positive change and adaptation. We need to be a Learning Organisation where continual learning takes place in order to gain sustainable excellence, i.e. be means of constant organisational learning. 

What is organisational learning? The process of active learning that takes place within the organisation through individuals, groups and the organisation itself for sustaining, supplementing and improving the knowledge and practices related to our core functions and whereby competitive advantage is created. Our desire is: a culture of innovation, creative thinking and constant renewal.

What are the key resources required to be a learning organisation? 

Therefore, our REDZetc team illustrates the coming together of individuals who make conscious choices to communicate ethically, so that our relationships with each other and our clients can deepen due to our commitment in assisting one another. Delighting in each other and being generous, by doing things for the right reasons. We work towards a life of meaning and not a life of means.

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