The Future I Wanted So Much — Lionesses of Africa

by Erica Paiva

Have you ever found yourself looking into the future imagining what it could be, how it could be, and how happy you can be and years later, living that future, looked back and saw how much you lost? How much did you not feel? How much were you deluded by the dictates of society? Ehhh this is normal and very common believe me. 

There are few who relish the now and the already, and many live clinging to the past and others in the hope of a better future. As a result, we forget to look at ourselves and celebrate our momentary victories. We follow a system, we don’t live our projects, we choose everything based on the public’s opinion as if we were society’s little puppets, and as a bonus we complain about society itself saying how cruel it is.

Let’s see, there is a predefined system – however, respecting it doesn’t mean I follow it blindly. The crux of the matter is to do everything that suits you but without leaving the limits of the same system. Imagine those clothes of yours that can apparently only be used for a special dinner, and then you have decided to dress in them for work? No? Why not? It doesn’t look good, right? They’ll think it’s ridiculous and then six months later, you have a dinner and discover that the dress or pants are either too loose or too tight – see the irony?

You can wear your tuxedo or your dress whenever you feel like it, and no one will make fun of you as long as you clearly accept that it’s all part of you. If you’re not confident in your choice, the others won’t be either and you’ll be a clown, and in the end you will say that the universe is cruel. No my dear, you are cruel to yourself, society left their rules and these rules can be shaped, perfected by you. So live your present intensely, as long as it’s not just a tantrum to show everyone that you can be a person intense and liberally cool.

Do it for you, live your life today right now. Remember, the day has 24 hours for some reason. Everything can be lived, as long as we accept to live our true self and without history. Now if you feel that you are not ready to live your life your way now, relax and revaluate yourself. It is not an obligation but your duty, and believe that today leaves a sweetness in every step which will leave your soul flooded with happiness.

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