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The Future of Collaboration by Nicola Cooper is the definitive guide on how to do collaborations better in business, especially given that boundaries between workspaces are further faded by ‘at home’/remote working’ driven by COVID 19. The global and seismic catalyst for change has created opportunities for a new form of business and has further accelerated the trends of new methods of working. These shifts have opened our imaginations and the world with endless possibilities for cross-category, cross-brand, cross-country and cross-creative partnerships without even having to leave your country, home or office. Welcome to the future of collaboration.

Nicola Cooper believes The Future of Collaboration is now, according to the findings of her new book and research by Global trend forecasters. It seems that to thrive in an ever-competitive environment, brands should look to invest in collaborations with Relevant Partners, Secret Exclusive Brand Experiences and Personalised Online Experiences. From initial concept and strategy, to interpersonal relationships, to managing ambassadors and makes or breaks collaborations – Nicola’s new book The Future of Collaboration provides readers with solid tools that can be used immediately in business, together with insights to prepare you for the future. Whether you’re an agency owner, marketing/brand manager or a creative collective – Nicola’s new book has got some useful tools for you.

In The Future of Collaboration, Nicola provides some unique insights for entrepreneurs to incorporate into their thinking and their business models. The book draws on four years of empirical research and experience and it’s a straight-shooting guide to doing collaboration best. Nicola takes a strong focus on the brands, agencies, innovators and these spaces; and the new landscape of collaboration and the effect that this will have on lifestyle, fashion, advertising, retail and emerging consumer markets for 2022 and beyond.

Highlights of the book include some insights on the key skills required for collaboration, including checklists for action; potential pitfalls and what to do when collaborations go wrong; actionable insights and advice on building collaborative teams, and a whole range of case studies and practical legal examples of how to successfully structure collaborations.

Author Quotes

“Past trends have come and gone and replicated themselves over the years and we are looking at a very changing landscape and a lot of these have been fast-paced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are starting to see a proliferation of new business models.”

“Collaboration has become a lucrative business tool and often helps brands double or triple their reach. Collaborations provide brands with more and more opportunities and it’s important for brands to see this as they can grow themselves and others through collaborating.”

“Collaboration is a lucrative strategic tool that provides brands to stay relevant and continue to attract pre-existing and new customers. Brands need to look at who are their aspirational consumers and how can they find that golden thread that speaks to them both.”

About the author

Nicola Cooper is the founder of Nicola Cooper and Associates, Winner of the Most Innovative Market Research Specialists at South Africa MEA Business Awards 2021, R&A Consultancy of the Year at South Africa MEA Business Awards 2020. Academic, analyst, teacher, speaker and brand consultant, a well-known presence in Africa’s fashion and lifestyle landscapes.

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