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If you are an entrepreneur who feels like you need to build a business on your terms, doing it your way, then you are not alone, according to Sarah Stone and Jane Baker, authors of the new book, Permission: To Do Life & Business Your Way. 

When building a business it can so often feel as if there are rules you have to follow, that if you dare stray from that path you won’t “make it”. We’re often told that you have to push through and just do it, even if it’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable and yet all of that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sarah Stone and Jane Baker, authors of the new book, Permission: To Do Life & Business Your Way believe that there isn’t one way, there’s someone else’s way and then there’ll be YOUR WAY. You may not know what that way is yet or you may not know what other ways there are.

That’s where this book comes in. Inside this book you’ll find inspiration from stories on how our authors did it their way. How they’ve unlocked their success and a life they love, whilst doing it their way. The book features insights from authors including, Amanda Coles, Anna Fairs, Ashley Cahill, Beverley Fray, Brenda Gabriel, Deasha Waddup, Helen Jane, Jo Gilbert, Nadine De Zoeten, Nicole Thorne, Sera Johnston and Simon Kozlowski. Foreword by Andrea McLean.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to round pegs and square holes, if you’re ready to un-apologetically embrace your way in every area of your life, reach your success on your terms and do it in a way that’s totally aligned with you, then your journey will begin right here.

Author Quotes

It’s time to start a new revolution, not one that has you following someone else’s path, but one that has you following yourself, doing it all your way.

Ultimately that’s our wish for all of you, that you get to build a business and life that is in true alignment with who you are and what truly lights you up. 

Our wish is that you discover your way and blaze your own path towards your success. That wish starts here with this book.

About the author

Sarah Stone is the voice and founder of Creative Feng Shui®. She helps her clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business. A successful entrepreneur and multiple business owner, Sarah has always been guided to help others find their version of success and start living with intention. Sarah has helped clients convert their dream business transactions, create harmonious homes and enhance positive relationships so that they can attract everything they desire in everything area of life. Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, OK! Magazine and winner of ‘Best Woman in Creative/Media’ WWMB Award, Sarah’s book “Live What You Live” went on to top the Amazon charts in both Feng Shui and Interior Design for several weeks.

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