Why employer branding is important to entrepreneurship and business development — Lionesses of Africa

by Kelebogile Makhafola

Assuming we can’t access the potential that exists inside us, the budding potential of our teams, as business and brand leaders, we will not be able to create fitting solutions that deal with what the world needs from us. What is essential in entrepreneurship is the future-proofing of our businesses and brands by investing in the most important assets, our human capital. With a compelling message and constructive employee value proposition, your team can elevate the performance and impact of your business.

The aim is to build a sustainable employer brand that empowers an effective employee productivity, loyalty, and engagement strategy. The effective internal branding is what our employees buy into as advocates and representatives of our businesses. When we work to align the human resource management efforts with the employee value proposition, it reduces the employee turnover rate and therefore increases a satisfied and productive employee lifecycle for our businesses.

As business and brand leaders, it is ingenious to carve the brand direction and promise that can equally attract competitive talent as they would help cultivate the value across the entire value chain. Your organizational identity and culture become an anchor for the attraction and experience of leadership competencies, everyday behaviours, management competencies, and internal values.

Becoming an employer of choice embraces factors that encompass employer attractiveness, which involve conveying economic, developmental, social, diversity, and reputation value. When done right, business and brand leaders are able to hone in the collective intelligence of the team. The collective thinking allows the employer brand to act on shared values and raise trust in overall business and brand experience.

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