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Dream, Build, Grow: A Female’s Step-by-Step Guide for How to Start a Business, written by Francie Hinrichsen, MBA, is your go-to guide to launch, plan, and grow your business so you can create a future you feel giddy to wake up to. This book will sashay you along each step to begin your own dream business and help you fashion your new lifestyle of freedom like a breath of fresh air.

In Dream, Build, Grow, entrepreneurial hype girl, serial entrepreneur, and MBA Francie Hinrichsen provides realistic, achievable, and step-by-step guidance to start your business. After realizing women could thrive with the right support and plan, Hinrichsen created an entrepreneurship community that gives women the confidence and coaching to start and succeed at business. Now she shares the lessons she’s learned in her own journey and in coaching women through their start-up businesses.

This guide overflows with thought-provoking questions, action steps, practical guidance, business bestie encouragement, checklists, real life examples, and “oops, don’t make my mistake” insight so you can write the start-up story of your dream company.

Dream, Build, Grow can help you:

  • Discover six simple phases for how to build your dream business successfully

  • Gain insider guidance for introducing your business to the world

  • Articulate the dream on your heart and connect it to how you’re uniquely wired

  • Uncover strategies successful businesses use to become and remain profitable

  • Research your business idea so you don’t waste time or energy

  • Ensure your business has longevity so you can create a life of impact

  • Create key building blocks for the foundation of your business

With an abundant suite of resources, this essential business guide is designed for the fierce woman who needs just the right guidance and encouragement to say yes to a beautiful journey of entrepreneurship. It’s a tool you can refer to again and again as your company grows and thrives. It’s time to leave the fear of the unknown behind so you can create your dream business. Let’s begin.

Author Quotes

Grab your gusto, dig in your heels, and leave behind your fear of the unknown, because we’re unlocking the potential and drive buried deep inside you, and together we’ll create the incredible reality of your dream business.

I like working, I thrill at the feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy an ongoing project. I love building a business that I created.

My definition of freedom is living life on my terms, using my time however I please. Entrepreneurship affords abundant freedom, which might be one reason you are considering starting a business.

About the author

Francie Hinrichsen is a serial entrepreneur and business enthusiast who empowers female entrepreneurs to breathe life into their business dreams. After feeling like a misfit in the corporate world, Francie discovered a life she loved waking up to through business ownership. As an entrepreneurial hype girl with an MBA, Francie Hinrichsen realized other women could thrive with the right guidance and support. Francie created the Founding Females mastermind, an entrepreneurship community that coaches women through improving their business mindset and operations. Now she shares the lessons she’s learned in her own entrepreneurship journey and in coaching women through their own successful start-up businesses. She believes that anyone with a dream on their heart can pull up a seat to change the world through entrepreneurship.


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