Bush Masiu – African Farming

Bush Masiu, Senekal, Free State (Cattle)

Our Mutton Merinos are on the veld. High parasite loads, especially of ringworm and roundworm, have come along with the heavy rain of the past few months.

We dose with Lintex L and boost it seven days later with Baymet injectable. This protocol has been recommended to us by a neighbouring commercial farmer.

Every fortnight we spray with Ecobash, which we apply from knapsack sprayers. Ecobash causes ticks to fall off, kills lice and controls biting flies and face flies. We give Ecomectin for sheep scab and to control parasites that may cause bottle jaw.

Our animals get a ready-mixed summer lick from Sernick. Pregnant ewes get Voermoel sheep pellets to help boost milk production. We feed extra rations to the ewes, which should start lambing in March, so that they can maintain good body condition.

The ration is made up of sheep pellets, crushed yellow maize and lucerne bales. Most of our bacterial infections can be successfully treated with duplocillin, a long-acting penicillin. We also provide extra vitamins.

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