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Book Review

As women entrepreneurs, we all have experienced unexpected set-backs and challenges, and in her new book, Launch the Legacy, author, Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith believes the best way to deal with such unpredictable times is to launch your own legacy.

What if everything you thought was a challenge was actually strengthening your superpowers to build your legacy brand? Author, Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith, brings together 14 other dynamic aligned change agents to share their journeys on dealing successfully with life’s unexpected curve balls to still stand proudly in launching their own brands. Launch The Legacy will take you through the deaths, failures, parenting special needs, abuse and so much more that these women have experienced, to emerge as brand success stories. The book will help you to see other everyday high achieving women, who are launching legacies, even though they have experienced major adversities in their lives, propelling towards leaving generational wealth and doing it on their own time, in their own terms.

Launch the Legacy, is about shifting from passive to active and most importantly, about choosing you, through growing your impact, influence and income. Discover how to uncover your inner leader, survivor and million-dollar value brand. The time is now to go beyond the setbacks towards consistency in shifting your mindset, igniting your inner fire and making positive power moves towards generational excellence, success and legacy.

Author Quotes

The need to create and recreate generational wealth grew from tapping into my desires to design destiny.

The desire to create my own business was fueled by watching others who look like me building businesses that can last beyond their generation.

Legacy begins and continues with each of us. We all have skills and unique gifts that are valuable to someone else. Now is the best time to develop a thriving mentality to launch your business brand that can also build generational wealth.

About the author

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is a published author, transformational speaker and a startup business coach for women. She has dedicated her career to helping women to start profitable businesses and create wealth. Her proven path to profitability— laser clarity, systems and sales—takes business owners from brand new to badass. With an incomparable blend of business strategy and personal development, there is a depth to her coaching. An audiologist and speech pathologist by profession, Dr. Ali is trained to hear people so she can feel them. She supports women in getting to the heart of what they really should be doing in the world, and how to get there. Dr. Ali shows women how to have it all with highly functioning systems and strategies that maximize their time, talents and profitability. A believer that mindset goes hand-in-hand with money, she coaches clients through everything from their fear of sales to breakdowns in their personal lives. Leading by example, Dr. Ali is building a tribe of won’t-stop women who can fight through life’s unexpected and exceptional challenges—every day—and live lives that leave legacies.

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