Flacia Wanjiru Nyamu, a Kenyan entrepreneur with a passion for training and consulting to elevate opportunities for the youth — Lionesses of Africa

What does your company do?

Woven Link Africa is a Kenyan registered training and consulting business whose key focus is to elevate young people’s talents and the integration of technology into youth programs that create entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Woven Link Africa believes in elevating young people’s talents and nurturing youth programs that re-connect vocational education, entrepreneurship, and employability. Also, provide all youth with greater opportunities for entrepreneurship employment and uptake of technology solutions. The Woven Link Africa business model is 80% for profit and 20% social enterprise that focuses on five actors. The model enables the business to fund the social enterprise activities through profits which is key for sustainability for social impact.

(a) Youth led enterprises or organizations

(b) Enterprises or organizations with a larger percentage of youth staff

(c) Organizations that provide products and services for youth

(d) Regulatory institutions

(e) Financial institutions and Sacco/credit unions

What inspired you to start your company?

After working as a creative technologist, hybrid freelance professional for 18 years with a key focus on integration innovation and strategy in my combined expertise of Skills Development Expert, Educator, Entrepreneur, Project, and Programs Management, it was time to achieve my goal of institutionalizing my experience, knowledge, and skills.

Why should anyone use your service or product?

We elevate the product and service offering capacity for institutions, private sector and individuals that provide solutions to create employment and self-employment opportunities. Woven Link Africa draws its inspiration from quality woven cloth that is able to withstand considerable wash and wear from interlocking quality yarn. We believe the interlocking linkage of quality vocational; entrepreneurship, employability and integration of technology provides youth human capital that is innovative, resilient self-motivated and agents for change.

Tell us a little about your team

I have a virtual team of trainers and consultants who I collaborate with on assignments on a needs basis. I am currently the only full-time staff member. However, the beauty of the virtual team is they also contribute to product development and are my think tank in reviewing our offerings and in the development of strategy.

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