Lioness Launch / New online engagement ring design service launched in South Africa — Lionesses of Africa

Speaking about what makes Preposal different in the marketplace, Lucinda says:

After spending over nine years in the jewelry industry from starting my own jewelry line and brand to designing for other international brands as well as leading a USA jewelry company from B2B to B2C. I noticed the same questions from clients with the same issues arising over and over. I wanted to see a change in the industry that would benifit all and realized I needed to take the industry by the horns and make this change happen. It’s the only service of its kind. It’s the moments before the proposal. The pre – posal. Hence the name; Preposal. I noticed there was a breakdown in communication when women were sharing what they wanted for their engagement rings with their partners and what their partners were asking the jeweler for. I quickly narrowed it down to terminology. Naturally, if you don’t know what it’s called ( claw shapes, setting styles, stone cuts) you can’t ask for it correctly. I also wanted to equip the partner so they could have the confidence to ask the jeweler for exactly what they wanted and feel more in control of the purchasing process. So it’s basically Pinterest for engagement rings. A one – page doc ‘ cheat sheet’ with all the information about the dream ring ( ring size included! Don’t even get me started on that hack) I wanted to allow people to wear their dream ring from the moment they say Yes. Some people don’t know that any small change comes at a cost and sometimes the whole ring needs to be remade. You can imagine how frustrating that is after you have just spent a large sum of money and need to spend 40% more. There is no option to add stone size or metal carat as this is fully determined by the partners budget. So I thought about it from both sides to meet everyone’s needs. After all, it’s the start of a beautiful partnership!”

Speaking about the newly launched Preposal platform, Lucinda says:

“Preposal is about streamlining the engagement ring buying process and equipping the person proposing with the knowledge and terminology to make a confident purchase. The proposal itself becomes a surprise again, too, rather than going ring-shopping as a couple, which can take the romance and spontaneity out of everything. But at the same time, your partner doesn’t have the stress of trying to secretly gather information – which usually leads to getting it wrong. And when you do say ‘yes!’, you can wear your dream ring immediately. It’ll be exactly what you want without having to change anything and, importantly, it’ll be the right size – imagine, after the excitement of being proposed to, you can’t even wear your ring because it’s too big or, worse, too small.”

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