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The Mystery of the Squashed Self: How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive by author Trisha Lewis, is a book for frustrated female small business owners who deserve more rewards for their efforts. If you are suffering from a sudden confidence dip; or you sense that life as an entrepreneur is resulting in you having your personality squashed; or you are losing your motivation; then this is a business book with a difference that is well worth a read.

Are you a frustrated, but fabulous, female business owner who feels like you are losing your grip on your passion, personality and growth? If the answer is yes, then you need to read the new book by Trisha Lewis, The Mystery of the Squashed Self: How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive. What is the psychology behind self-worth draining people-pleasing and comparing? Enter Investigator Lewis and the stories of 8 small business owners. Then marvel at the way Professor P takes the investigator’s notes and reveals the drivers of the emotions that drive the behaviours. The stories in The Mystery of the Squashed Self are of everyday business life – from networking to marketing frustrations. By bringing the stories to life through character and dialogue, author Trisha Lewis makes them eminently relatable. The recommendations and ‘crack your own case’ exercises are action-focused – step by step fear beating actions to unsquash yourself and achieve success that has authentic you at the heart. 

This is not a ‘do it like this’ business book – it is a ‘self-awareness and ‘why’ answering book. A fun read for serious professional development.This book will help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to take your business to the next level… and beyond! If you’ve been going in circles or hit a plateau, Trisha’s fresh, fun and practical framework for getting unstuck and on track to creating a business you love is just what you need. 

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Are you feeling stuck in the traps of people-pleasing, blurred boundaries and conformity? Are you driven, but don’t feel like you are in the driving seat? Stop! You are self-squashing.

This book will get you unsquashed. You will feel released as the real you with a business that thrillingly thrives rather than sort of survives.

This book has been written with love and fuelled by oodles of real life stories.  It’s a tool to ramp up your self-awareness as a business owner. 

About the author

Communication coach, actor and business owner, Trisha Lewis, empowers women to find and be their ‘unsquashed self’ – released from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘self-doubt spirals’. Trisha has a background as an actor, entertainer, speaker and story facilitator. She set up her communication coaching business in 2016 at the age of 59. She now works with women starting or growing their own business – with soul and originality. Trisha pulls on her life and business growing experiences along with common themes in her client work – to ensure her written and spoken resources resonate. This includes her popular ‘Make it Real’ podcast. ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’ is Trisha’s first full length book – and true to form it brings the challenges of 8 fictional, but reality based, business owners to life. The common link being ‘self-squashing’. Trisha took her own advice when deciding to write a business book that didn’t follow the standard style! Trisha lives by the seaside on the south coast of the UK with her husband. Her children are all grown up and she has no pets – other than the robotic vacuum cleaner which she admits to talking to.

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