Inside Customer Care — Lionesses of Africa

by Helena Naitsuwe Amadhila

Our businesses exist to serve customers. As entrepreneurs, we should know our customers inside out to be able to serve them better, and to meet their diverse and unlimited needs. Customers are unique people and this calls for entrepreneurs to care for their customers in a unique and individualized manner. This will ensure provision of tailor-made services and products to customers which will results in customer satisfaction and retention. These customers could also share the exciting customer care received and recommend the business to other people and as a result, there will be increase in customer base. Entrepreneurs should also know that customer care requires patience, discipline and the ability to learn, adapt, adopt, adjust and implement.

Patience means humbling yourself as an entrepreneur to accommodate and attend to customers questions and concerns in a professional and acceptable manner.

Discipline implies the application of appropriate rules and regulations as crafted by various regulating bodies in various business sectors.

Learning is an unending process. Entrepreneurs should keep on learning to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in order to understand their customers and be able to assist them professionally.

Entrepreneurs should be able to adapt to new, suitable and purposeful ways and methods of meeting their customer needs.

Adoption of proper and new ways of customer care approaches is crucial for business to succeed. The business environment is evolving and as such requires entrepreneurs to continuously adopt testable approached to ensure customer care satisfaction and happiness.

Adjustment of one’s methods, approaches and modus operandi are important for customer care to be realized and revolutionized. This modification will ensure achievement of desired results both for the and the customers at large.

Finally, whatever approach, method, rules and regulations applied in customer care, it is vital that they are made use of through implementation. It will not serve any purpose if one is patient, discipline, learn, adapt, adopt and adjust but did not implement all the valuable lessons learned to improve and offer world class customer care for maximum benefits of the business. In conclusion, it should be noted that proper customer care is inseparable from the success of the business from the formation stage to growth, scaling and maturity. Entrepreneurs should aim to provide up-to-date customer care for business performance.

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