Jodi Fittinghoff, a South African leading designer and manufacturer of customized bags and packaging — Lionesses of Africa

What makes your new product or service different?

We do compete directly with imported products mainly coming from countries like China, but being a local factory producing quality products, at a reasonable price, with small minimum quantities and shorter lead times, gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our customers are able to monitor their orders throughout the manufacturing process, and if need be can request part deliveries as stock becomes available. We continue to design and develop high quality, innovative products and we now import Neoprene material, and make the most beautiful bags with this unique, appealing material. We constantly strive to follow new international trends, fashions and new ideas, and at the same time innovate our offerings, so as to be able to show elements of difference and uniqueness. This also allows us to keep up to date with manufacturing methods and design trends, which we can offer to our clients.

What are your future aspirations for your new product or service?

We are able to accommodate much smaller Minimum Order Quantities, which is also more attractive to some customers that are looking to introduce and test new products into their ranges. We produce products from a very wide range of fabrics and materials that are both imported and locally sourced. These include Nylons, PU’s, Leatherettes PVC’s, Mesh, Foils, Webbings, Fixings, Zip and many other components. We also offer a wide range of branding solutions – embroidery, screen printing, full color sublimation printing, full color digital printing, embossing, foiling, heat transfers and doming.

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